Sadhna Shrivastav
Anchor Director Coordinator
Honoured with the International Lifetime Achievement Award on 31March 2009, by the International Congress of Women, Sadhna Shrivastav's work in the film and electronic medium is significant, both in front of the camera and behind it. A well-known name in the TV & Cultural Scenario for 35 years, Sadhna is a master of both the mediums having long years of hands on experience.

Sadhna Shrivastav's expertise as a professional can be categorized as:
Anchor for Television & Stage (brief profile)
Director & Producer of Documentaries, Short Films, Serials, AVs
Consultant-Coordinator of Festivals & Events
Director, Interface Media
Managing Partner , Nasadiya Arts
Trustee, India Foundation
Member Heritage Trust

Director of Government of India's entry to UNESCO for film on Chhau, which resulted in Chhau been inscribed by UNESCO as "Masterpiece of Intangible Cultural Heritage".

Festival Coordinator, "Year of Chopin in India"2010

Sadhna Shrivastav brief overall profile.