Sadhna Shrivastav
Anchor Director Coordinator

Sadhna Shrivastav started her career with Doordarshan when electronic media set its foot on the Indian horizon. One of the most popular television personalities in the 80s and the 90s, she has left a distinct imprint in the minds of millions of television viewers of India.

A multifaceted personality, she has contributed to the media and the field of culture in her capacity as consultant and coordinator of international and national festivals, television anchor, stage compere, and director of documentaries and serials.

Sadhna’s nearly four decades of close interaction with the arts and artists through media & stage, have resulted in her serving the field of art and culture by designing and putting together festivals of international stature in her capacity as Consultant-Coordinator of Festivals & Events. Octave 2006 and 2007, mega events launched by Ministry of Culture to integrate the remote states of the north east with the country, through projection of the artistic beauty of the North
East, was coordinated by Sadhna Shrivstav.

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